Railyard Brewing Co. – Montgomery, AL


Late to the craft brewing game, Alabama is making up for lost time with some likeable  libations. As expected, a place as young as Railyard is cutting its teeth on the tried and true basic beer styles. The Y’ALL light lager is a  perfectly fine introductory  beer for an Alabama audience that isn’t quite as experienced with anything that doesn’t have Bud somewhere on the label; an Alabama Pale Ale that’s lighter on hops than the normal Pale; a middling IPA that doesn’t inspire anything special. 

The highlight of their beer menu the last time I was in was the seasonal Wee Heavy. The malt played through a nice smoky almost barrel-aged finish. Clear Caramel with a thin white head. Pairs nicely with an excellent food menu that parlays southern favorites and burgers into a authentic  Alabama brewpub experience. The space is new and urban enough to intrigue hipsters, while old brick and strung lights inside give it warmth. 

Located in the revitalizing Montgomery downtown Riverfront, you can walk across the street and catch Double A Minor League baseball. The Montgomery Biscuits (such a great name, even better logo) will show you the joys of the game in a small market. Dreamland BBQ is also right around the corner (not as good as the Tuscaloosa original, but the best you’ll find in Montgomery). 

Like the city itself, Railyard shows the potential for growth and improvement in a part of the country that more people should be checking out. 



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