Bone Lick – Atlanta, GA

  What happens when Tobias Funke invests in a Southern BBQ? Epic awesomeness ensues. Red pepper flake rubbed ribs, drinks in mason jars, vinyl spinning soundtrack, classic arcade games…shall I proceed?

The ribs and brisket were both delightfully tender and mouth-melting. Just enough grease to allow the meat to slide off the bone without it being a wilting mess. The house sauces highlighted regional favorites from the NC vinegar to the smoky KC style and other classics in between. 

The beer selection is predominantly culled from Georgia’s burgeoning craft scene (as it should be).  The ambience screams that the South is alive; it has history but it’s youthful and vibrant. Bone Lick is hidden in a new mixed used community in ATL’s industrial Westside and maybe struggles for passerby traffic but it’s worth seeking out. 

The old guard of Southern BBQ will need to watch out for young whippersnappers like these, bringing the heart and soul of the BBQ and Booze scene. 



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